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i-70- series

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i-70- series

i-70 series

Het monteren van een nieuwe motor onder een machine is maatwerk.

Welke functies moeten worden geactiveerd?

Welke instellingen moeten worden geprogrammeerd? ( bv. voor- en eindafhechting, persvoetlichting, draadafknipper etc.)

Welke motor wilt U hebben? ( 500, 600, 750 w)

Wilt U zelf de motor monteren?

U begrijpt dat het afgeven van een prijs "maatwerk" is .

Als U aangeeft wat U wensen zijn, kunnen wij U prijsopgave maken.


i-70 series

i-70 series is Ho Hsing's most exclusive model. As the replacement of the world known HVP-70 model, it can beused on all lockstitch and chainstitch applications. i70 series can be combined with a mini motor in 500, 600 or 750 Watt and can work with an internal or external synchroniser, but also with a direct drive mini motor or a built-in mini motor.


With a special model i70L-4-ED-220 for Dürkopp Adler, the automatic detection of the sewing machine resistance will automatically set all parameters.


With its many inputs and outputs it can handle functions like: photo sensor detection, high lift of walking foot (HP), change of stitch length (STK), extra thread tension (FSPR), puller lift, tape cutter and many more.


With i70 series your sewing machine is converted into a high efficient, cost saving product that makes sewing your product easier, faster and more enjoyable.



AC Servo Motor i70 - Reliable control and full function design
1.Highly accurate positioning.
2.One-shot positioning and Multi-Positioning modes, operation is handy and increases your work effeciently.
3.Low noise, low vibration and low power consumption.
4.CPU control, software / hardware 2-way protection sysstem, extending the product life.
5.Solenoid over current protector, to prevent the short circuit.
6.Switching power supply system, safer and better for energy saving. (160V ~ 280 V AC)
7.Powerful parameter system, easy adjustment and upgradable.
8.Only one circuit board inside, easy for maintenance.
9.Hardware barrier break through, powerful parameter adjustment functions, more machine brands can be used with a wieder range for more applications. (use with C-200 or C-60 operator panel).
10.External mounting AC 220 V power available.
11.ECO-circuit design, conform to each safety standard and RoHS directive, less pollution, let us do our part to preserve the environment.


Model codei70-4
500 Watt - 5000 rpm
Max. motor speed600 Watt - 3500 rpm
750 Watt - 2500 / 3500 rpm
Power voltage range200 - 240 Volt
Motor pulley size available55 - 85 mm.
Needle up / down
Soft start
Presser foot lift
Thread trimmer / thread wiper
Automatic back tack
Reverse angle after stop
Power transistor protection
Power module protection
Signal inputs2 (12 - option)
Solenoid signal outputs8 (4 - option)
Edge sensor inputs2
Gross weight (control box and motor) / Kg500 W: 9.9 / 600 W: 10.3 / 750 W: 10.9
Packing dimensions (control box)400 (L) x 320 (W) x 230 (H)

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